About Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Homestaging is real estate’s best marketing tool. 

Just like customers enticed by department store displays, buyers make an emotional connection with Staged homes that prompt them to make an offer.

Thanks to HGTV, homes for sale must show smart from the start!

Market ready homes are move-in ready…homes that are staged highlight advantages and downplay disadvantages.

Most importantly, staged homes suggest a lifestyle buyers aspire to.


Buyers search and choose houses online to visit. Without Staging, pictures of empty walls leading to other pictures of empty walls do not communicate layout or inspire emotional connection. Vacant listings do not communicate motivated sellers.

Instead vacant homes communicate possible negatives…maybe the house has been on the market a long time…maybe the sellers will accept lowball offers…maybe there’s a problem. Obviously the seller did not think enough of the property to invest in staging it.

In retail, it’s called merchandising.

In real estate, it’s called Staging.


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