More Questions About Home Staging

“What Makes Show Smart Staging So Effective?”

Show Smart understands what makes a home sell in the DC market. With years of successful experience staging homes of all sizes and styles, Show Smart recognizes that what may be attractive to buyers in Silver Spring will be different than to buyers in Potomac, and Show Smart stages accordingly.  Show Smart has experience targeting the market for a home so as to appeal best to the broadest range of potential buyers within that group.

For example, it works to target single professionals for an historic Capitol Hill Row House, but young families for a suburban single family home in Rockville.  Show Smart stages the way our professional judgment tells us will help sell a particular property always keeping in mind the architecture of the home in question.  And, our excellent track record has proven us right over and over again.  For example, some of the properties Show Smart staged in May prompted this article… Home Staging helps two DC properties sell for full price first day.


Contact Patricia today to discuss your project.  (757) 619-9789


What is Show Smart Home Staging’s service area?

Based in Rockville, Show Smart stages all over the DC metro area, especially…

  • Montgomery County-
  • The Wisconsin/Connecticut corridors:
  • Potomac, Rockville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring…
  • Washington DC-
  • Neighborhoods such as:
  • Chevy Chase, Glover Park, Upper Northwest, Dupont Circle, Eastern Market, Capitol Hill, Logan Circle…

Show Smart has also staged homes in Howard County and across the water in Alexandria and McLean.  So, please, if you don’t see your neighborhood, call to check our availability in your neighborhood.

When should I stage my home?

Before anyone sees it… especially online.  Whether vacant or lived in, a home goes on the market as simply another product among many others for sale and must look not only its best, but definitely better than its competition and especially appealing enough to get attention and sell.  Retail stores create displays, builders furnish model homes, car dealers detail cars. Home sellers professionally Stage for the same reason – marketing first impressions!  So, definitely stage your home before the market gets a look at it.

Should I upgrade and repair everything before I put my property on the market?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.  This is why you need an initial Staging Consultation. Show Smart Home Staging will advise you which upgrades and which repairs will pay you back when you sell and which ones will not.  Show Smart knows what sells houses.

Does staging come with any guarantees?

Yes. Show Smart Staging guarantees your home’s increased perceived value… How the market perceives your home determines its value in their eyes.This is where bidding wars can come into play. Competing prospective buyers in love with you home and bid the price up to buy it. This happens with our Show Smart staged homes more than you’d think!

Investing in Staging and showing your property as beautifully as possible just makes good financial sense in today’s market.

Who pays for staging?

Whoever has the most to gain from the sale of your property typically pays for the Staging of it.  That means the home owner.  The seller will realize approximately 94% of the sale price.  The Realtors all together never get more than 6% of the sale price if they get that, and whatever commission they do make they will end up splitting among many hands as well as spending a substantial marketing budget on your behalf not to mention their time showing your property for you.

In order to do our part, Show Smart offers a deep discount on the initial Consultation upon a Realtor referral , a substantial benefit to the seller, a boon to the Realtor, and business for us. Show Smart will also shoot and produce professional photos on a complimentary basis for our Staging clients upon request.  Show Smart will do their very best to make your house Show-Smart!

What is included in the staging fee?

  • A unique Professional Design Plan to achieve that Model Home feel in your home..
  • Furniture and accessories, including artwork, rugs, linens, plants, and lamps, etc. to make your home look picture perfect.
  • The cost of the delivery truck and labor to set up and display the Staging to show your home beautifully.
  • The cost of the truck and labor to remove all the staging items from your SOLD home.

What is NOT included in the staging fee?

Each property is a unique project and starts with an initial Consultation for a separate fee. The main benefit of the initial Consultation is to determine your expectations and allow us to see the present condition of the property to propose what Show Smart estimates it will take to sell your home quickly for top dollar.

The Consultation is typically a two-hour working consultation.  Show Smart will take pictures and measurements of your home and conceptualize a design plan.  Due to our broad Staging experience, Show Smart can usually formulate an estimate of your Staging fee at that time.

As part of the Consultation, Show Smart will explain any action that felt needs to be taken prior to Staging, such as editing and/or minor repairs or updates Show Smart knows will pay you back, painting to freshening or neutralize, for example.

These actions may or may not be needed to get the home ready for Staging, but are not Staging and so not included in the fee.

Show Smart Home Staging has a number of trusted affiliates to refer.

What other services does Show Smart Home Staging offer?

Show Smart is available to stand in for you as an Acting Owners Representative to schedule, coordinate, and oversee trades people, such as painters, floor refinishers or installers, electricians, plumbers, handymen, window cleaners, etc. should these services be needed in case you are out of town or simply too busy to do these important and necessary tasks yourself.  There is a separate fee for this service.

Do you stage vacant homes?

Yes. Vacant home staging is one of our specialties. Staging a vacant home allows us to create a persona that buyers will identify with and want.

Show Smart also Stages owner occupied homes as well.  Owners are often amazed at how much Show Smart can do to update and freshen their home with very few changes and with very little money.

Does Show Smart Home Staging recommend staging all the rooms in my house?

Not necessarily.  The decision is psychological and dependent upon multiple factors.  Show Smart will make a determination of how many rooms in your home to Stage, a determination that reflects our professional expertise in showcasing homes successfully, i.e. they sell!

At the Staging Consultation, Show Smart will come into your home with a buyer’s eye and decide which rooms and how many rooms Show Smart needs to Stage to get the property SOLD.

How long does staging take?

Amazing to our clients, the actual Staging takes just a few hours.  That is the part you see on HGTV!  However, from the initial Consultation to the final design plan, to the gathering and packing of the furniture and accessories to be used, to the scheduling, loading and arrival of the truck and crew onsite at your door may take a few days.

The photos are reviewed and shared with the Realtor sometimes as fast as the same day as Staging ocurs in order for the Realtor to upload the listing complete with them.

Where do all the furniture and the accessories come from?

Show Smart has a generous warehouse of handpicked accessories and small and large furniture pieces.  Owning furniture and furnishings allows us to keep our overhead costs low and pass these savings on to our clients. Show Smart also holds accounts open with all the furniture rental companies in town. This combination also allows us the freedom and flexibility of a much wider selection of styles, colors, and price levels of furniture to best suit your home.

How does Show Smart get started?

Call, text or email Patricia today to schedule a Consultation appointment. Show Smart is waiting here to help you sell your home.

Remember:  Our goal is to have your home sell quickly and for top dollar!


Investment in professional Home Staging is always significantly less than a price reduction, which is the first step realtors suggest if houses don’t sell quickly. The staging investment return is well over 100%.

Plus, investment in Professional Staging is tax-deductible as a selling expense. Check with your accountant.

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